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The effects of a disrespectful employer on travellers!

Hey guys, what’s up!

I decided, it was time for a change. Well, actually, it was all planned beforehand already, but I was quite relieved, when the time at my old dairy farm was over. I felt mentally abused, after being blamed for things, that I didn’t even do.

2017-09-18 19.41.49On my last day, I left straight after work and arrived at the new farm in Tirau at night, getting straight into work the next morning. But I didn’t mind it at all. I’m just a bit tired.


The job is pretty similar. Milking and feeding the calves, but over here, it’s all a lot employee – friendlier.

After the first milking on my first day, I got taken to a motorbike – meet up on a bigger, hilly farm. It was a lot of fun to watch! They even let me ride! I took a few shortcuts and was the slowest, of course, but you still have to consider, that I haven’t been doing this for long. Let’s just say, I won the race 😛

The farm is so high up, that you can see the ocean on top of the highest peak. It was a bit too cloudy for that day, but seeing this, was still impressive. The way up was already an adventure itself, though. We had to drive along the outer edges of a cliff to avoid getting stuck in the mud! A nice break from work!

For a moment, I thought, I would have to listen to a preach again and already tried to mentally prepare myself. But nothing like that actually happened.

Yes, this is what a disrespectful behaviour of your employer towards travellers does to you. This was not the first time, that I had to deal with grumpy employers and I’ve experienced, what effect those behaviours had and still have on me.

Many of the younger travellers, I included, haven’t had much work experience yet and have a tough time to find a job anyway. Many employers, don’t want to hire inexperienced people, especially no travellers. If there is someone that actually offers us the opportunity to learn, we can surely expect some mercy from the employer.

However, the reality often looks different. It’s normal to get told off about things, that you do wrong, obviously. But in contrast to that, I’ve been insulted and blamed for things, that I had nothing to do with; things, that I did not even know anything about and things, that I’ve seen others do, but I still had to take the blame. I had been told to shut up when I asked questions or wasn’t allowed to talk at all.

As a result, all the jobs, that required a little bit of responsibility were taken away from me. Just because I’m the “backpacker”, who “can’t understand English”.

On the other hand, I had to deal with sexist employers, that didn’t entrust me jobs, didn’t want to teach me or simply did not even give me a try, just because I’m a girl. While all the guys were allowed to go mustering, drive tractors, etc., I had to stay behind and clean. This resulted in me just learning how to drive the tractor myself when the employer wasn’t watching. Becoming a rebel, because I was too scared to stand up for my rights in front of my employer, fearing to lose my job.

Now, what other effects does this have on us?

Short-term effects are clear. We become really insecure, about anything we are doing and stop asking questions since our employer becomes a really intimidating person to us. This then results in more and more mistakes and a very depressed mood and atmosphere, while we should actually use these opportunities to increase our experience – horizon.

Long-term effects are the more important ones. The jobs we take on during our travels are usually our first proper jobs, besides little part-time jobs, we did at home. They are our first real working experience! Getting treated like we were just a random person from another country, that doesn’t deserve to be treated like the locals, will leave a wrong impression, take all our motivation and will turn us into a scared and insecure character, rather than a confident person.

All that confidence, that has been built up during our travels as independent individuals have been damaged within a second. And we will take this behaviour from one job to another. We’re dragging the weight of our insecurities around with us on our shoulders, no matter, which job we take on.

This is not how it should be and this needs to stop! But you can’t just change the attitude of a person. They have to do it themselves.

This is just my experience, but I’m sure, some people went through the same. You have to be careful with the job choice, but of course, it also has to do with luck! Don’t let this bring you down! I had a lot of awesome jobs, that I really liked, too!

Just keep smiling and try to stand up for yourself!


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The Dairy – Farm – Life

Hey guys,

Just one thing:

If you ever thought your job was hard, you have never worked on a dairy farm! I’m exhausted as hell and that after only one day of work!

So the job basically consists of starting work at 5:30 am, sometimes even 4:30 am bringing 400 cows in, milking 400 cows twice a day, feeding calves, cleaning the shed twice a day and other odd jobs around the farm. You might think, that it sounds like nothing, but milking goes into arms and back, trust me! You really gotta bend down and stretch to reach for the tits sometimes! Plus, you have to hold all 4 cups up all the time, while you feel for them. Other than that, you gotta watch out for the cows tail. If she lifts it, you better step back! 😀


The hose you use to clean the shed is not the lightest either! But I’m not gonna complain! It’s good money, since you work so many hours. And on top of that, I get to see cows with a full utter running every day. It’s the funniest thing, you’ll come across! They just waddle around like penguins, it’s hilarious 😀

I live in a shared house with a 34-year-old and a 32-year-old Filipino, who work here full time. Both are a good laugh 🙂 One night, we went out to the “Hamilton Night markets” for dinner and they paid all the food for me! Apparently, it’s normal for Filiponos to just pay for all your excesses! Another night, I just got invited to a random persons Filipino birthday and got to try a lot of Filipino food! Very hospitable people!


You can tell, the owner is exhausted though. Besides me, there are only two other workers and I’m only here for two weeks! He actually asked me, whether I could stay longer, but since I already accepted the other job, I had to disappoint him. To be honest, I don’t think, I could do this for long anyway. I love working on sheep and cattle stations, but dairy farms are not my world.


Surprisingly, I have been recommended to another dairy farm in Tauranga, although it was just my second day and I’m basically not even looking for another job! But my employer told me, I had good milking potential in me! 😀

On other days, however, I’ve been ignored completely and everything just went wrong. Two different people keep telling me two different things (and that not properly) and I never know what to do (sometimes just because this is all new to me and I’m not an expert)… It is apparently hardly acceptable to make mistakes and I, unfortunately, got blamed for things that weren’t true or not fair. Some days, I feel, like I am too dumb for the job… Especially, when they don’t trust me with jobs, that need only the slightest bit of responsibility…

On the other hand, however, I really get the feeling, that I can use my learned skills! Thanks to my motorbike lesson and droving experience, I can now go out into the paddocks and set up electric fences. I’ve done so much fencing already, but I’ve never set up electric fences. It’s not hard, you just gotta be careful. Especially when the ground and everything is wet! I also got to bring herds in from the paddocks, which basically means mustering and droving.. in a way! They even let me do it on my own! I love it! *-*


But the thing with dairy cows is, that you don’t really need to muster or drove them, they’re so used to the milking process, that they already go everywhere themselves -it’s crazy, considering, that I had to push sheep by sheep into the shearing shed in Australia! Of course, you still have to muster them together and push them in the right direction, but they know where to go and they know what’s happening. Mustering dairy cows is definitely different to mustering beef cattle!

My absolute highlight working here was, that I finally got to drive a buggy and to ride a quad bike! Now, I can tick that off my bucket list! I told them, that I had never done it before, but they didn’t seem to care and just made me pull a 500kg trough into a paddock! I’m glad, they trust me that much, haha! But all went well and I made another life – experience.


This whole farm is a demonstration farm on a huge school property, meaning that I can be sure to be taught properly since they often have visitors, who can expect certain standards!

By the way, just a quick update on my book: I had written 40 pages already, but now they are all gone…my file corrupted itself with no chance to recover it… all that happened after my photos had been rejected from my first ever photography request, that I’ve been offered, I broke my phone and have no internet now anymore, since this was the phone that had the sim card inside, plus I’ve realized that I put too much effort into this website for almost nothing.. I mean, I love creating and writing, but all this effort gets less reward and acknowledgement than expected… Things are not going too well at the moment, but I can’t help it anyway. Life goes on…

… so I bought a proper laptop, made sure I save everything properly and started all over again.

Never give up!


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Things I’ve learnt while travelling

Hey guys, what’s up?!

Well, this blog post is not gonna be, what you’d normally expect. I won’t give you a weekly summary this time. Simply, because nothing happened. I was busy applying for jobs and watching the amount of money in my bank account disappear more and more. It was all worth it, though! I didn’t get a job… BUT… I got two!! That’s right! Two jobs! The first job is on a dairy farm and only for two weeks, starting on Monday.

The second job is on a dairy farm, as well, starting straight after I finish the first job. This job is a long-term position, though. So yeah, I’m gonna be working for a while. I’m still trying to keep this blog as interesting as possible but!

While I had to spend my days looking for campgrounds, which are not closed, due to muddy sites, jumpstarting my car, because I spent all day charging my devices on the car battery and figuring out, how to get food, without spending money on it, I actually had time to work on something else. I’ve got a special announcement!! But first… let me get into this blog post. Many people think travelling teaches you a lot of valuable stuff. I’m not denying it, I just want to point out, that travelling also teaches you a bunch of other stuff, which is basically useless! 😀

Here we go! Here are 5 things, I’ve learnt while travelling:

1. My sense of direction shouldn’t be allowed on the street! People, who met me, might have noticed, that my sense of direction is basically … non-existing! I’m not even joking! Even back in my hometown, I had to use GPS, although I had been living there for 18 years!

Owning my own car and being depended on directions made me realize, that it’s worse than I thought! Even, if I’ve driven roads a million times and I basically just have to follow signs to get to the next destination, I would still get lost! That’s why I ALWAYS use google maps, no matter what.

To be honest, that’s not much of a big help either. That’s why I often find myself in private properties, construction zones or in front of a gate about to board a ferry! 😛 I’m not even kidding, I’m hopeless!

2. I’ve learnt how to defend myself with all sorts of objects! Since I’m mainly travelling on my own, people are often worried about my safety. And I don’t mean family. I mean people, that I’ve just met. Those people are more worried about me than I am about myself!

That’s how I often end up in little “boot camps”, where my “instructors”, aka. random strangers, show me how to use random objects against all those thieves and other criminals, that I have to keep up with every night. (I’m kidding!)

Ranging from a fire distinguisher to deodorant; I’m fully prepared now. Which is not a bad thing at all, if I think about it! Someone even gave me a pepper spray once. That stuff is actually illegal, but hey, it was good for the moment.

3. Instant Noodles cannot be classed as food! People might now, that I can’t cook. And by that I mean, I can’t cook at all. I’ve managed to burn a heat-up microwave dish in the microwave once! And I was just following the instructions!

Anyway, being a traveller, you have to learn, what sort of food you can/can’t take with you. If you don’t own a fridge/cooler you shouldn’t be taking dairy, meat, vegetables etc. Of course, you can, but it usually doesn’t last long.

As a person, that can’t cook, I don’t have to worry about all that anyway. My dinner just consists of “Instant Noodles”… Day by day.. it’s quick and easy, but I’ve soon learned, that it cannot be classed as real food. I don’t know what sort of chemicals are in there, but, it doesn’t satisfy, it usually tastes like plastic (don’t ask me, why I know how plastic tastes :D) and it for sure isn’t healthy. Unfortunately, I haven’t found another option for me yet. Any suggestions?! 😀

4. You can fall asleep at the most awkward places! From sleeping on a ship to sleeping in the back seats of your car, I’ve had it all. While travelling, I’ve learnt, that your standards get pretty low and you’re basically happy with whatever sleeping option comes up.

Travelling is exhausting! Sometimes, I don’t even care, where I’m gonna sleep. If I’m tired, I can fall asleep anywhere! Let me give you an example: the car I had in Australia, had a bed in the back, that needed to be made every single night. In the beginning, I was happy to have a bed, no matter, how much effort I had to put in it. But in the end, I didn’t care anymore and just decided to sleep in the driver’s seat. I think I’ve been doing that for a month straight! 😀

5. You learn, how to live with the minimum! I’ve just realized, that I don’t need much to survive. I’ve definitely become less materialistic. Ironically, I actually feel better having fewer belongings. I enjoy getting rid of stuff! That, of course, means you can lose less and less gets stolen!

The only disadvantage is, that I keep getting rid of more and more clothes, usually not buying any new ones. I wear clothes with holes and have to find a washing machine every 10 days. Yes, I’m basically confirming the backpacker – stereotype, but I don’t really care! 😀

I hope, the one or the other has learned similar things and can relate! I’m always happy about your feedback!! 🙂

However, I’m gonna reveal my special announcement…. I’m….


I started writing it last week! It’s gonna be a lot of work, but I hope to be finishing everything before my birthday! I’m an ambitious person. Whenever I start something, I’ll finish it for sure! It’s gonna be a travel book … in a way..  and in a way it’s not!

Be patient, be excited!

I know, that I am! 😀


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