This blog is all about Solo Travel and Confidence: Confidence in your writing, the world around you and most importantly, in yourself! Be passionate, be unique, be different, only listen to yourself and let no one tell you otherwise! 

I’m Dani, 20, really into photography, a German solo traveller and … I know, I know, “not another German”, you might think, but hey, I’m different. I started my travels two years ago in Australia and seemed to be just like any other German: acting like a tourist, staying in my comfort zone, spending a lot of time with other Germans..  but I changed a lot. Turned from a tourist into a traveller, gaining an “if-you-tell-me-I-can’t-go-and-watch-me-proving-you-wrong-attitude”! I love tackling new challenges and doing my own thing, travelling preferably on my own. I actually got this attitude from a local, now a good mate of mine, who turned into a massive life inspiration and is also the one, my blog title is dedicated to. “CAN, WILL, DID” Read more

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