Why you should travel solo at least once in your life!

I often hear people telling me how brave I am for travelling on my own in a foreign country! Well, basically, you’re never alone, since you always meet people, plus, it’s not like someone is trying to kidnap you or something… (I’m not saying it’s not possible!) Anyway, here are five reasons why you should travel solo at least once in your life:

1. Flexibility. All travellers know it. You just started your roadtrip with a new travelmate, that you literally just met. Everything seems to be perfect, but soon you realize, that your travelbuddy has totally different interests… You wanna climb up that mountain, while he/she wants to sunbath on the beach… Uhm, akward! So you’ve got two options: 1.You try to find a compromise and risk having an argument every now and then or 2. You tell your travelmate, it’s not gonna work out and drop him/her off in the next city. But let’s be honest, that wouldn’t be the nicest option! To avoid all that hassle, I prefer to travel on my own! I can do whatever I want, whenever I want! 😀

2. It’s easier to meet new people. Okay, this is more of a subjective opinion. Some people find it easier to talk to people while being surrounded by other people. I agree with that, but on the other hand,you end up meeting the most amazing people in the most akward situations, completely unexpected! I’m not the most social person, but just by doing what I am doing,which is in 60% of the cases messing up, I made friends for life! 😀 So, don’t worry guys, you don’t necessarily have to actively look for new friends, it happens all by itself! There’s hope for the anti – social people! Trust me!

3. You learn to appreciate things, you didn’t appreciate before. Travelling solo is great, but of course it can also have disadvantages! While you’re out there all by yourself, anything could happen! And to repeat it once again: You’re all by yourself! Your car could break down in the middle of nowhere in 40 degrees heat… Happened to me, I know what I’m talking about. In that exact moment, I realized how much I actually learnt to appreciate water or sunscreen or those people with a heart of gold that helped me after sitting there for four and a half hours! Honestly, no matter what happens, people are willing to help!! Wether you need a ride, a home, directions etc. There are people out there with a heart of gold! But another thing I appreciate is someone sitting next to me in the car, telling me where to go! The perks of having a travelmate 😛

4. You learn to be independent. While you’re travelling solo, no one is by your side, telling you how to pay your taxes, how to apply for an insurance or what to do in case of an emergency! You have to figure that out all by yourself! You gotta survive on your own, figuring everything out by yourself, which ultimately means you learn to be independent super quickly! Well, you’ve got no other choice! It still happens that you end up lost, of course. But isn’t it a great feeling, when you can finally adult and book that plane ticket yourself?! 😀

5. You get to know yourself. It sounds super cheesy and I didn’t believe in it at first, but little did I know, I actually got to figure out how my brain functions. Being out there all by yourself teaches you where your limits are (I’m not speaking of alcohol – limits! :D). It shows you what your capable of on your own, how much stress you can bare and most importantly, you get to know your character! You’ve got a lot of time to think and to study yourself. You actually get to know yourself for the first time, just by spending a little time with yourself! You quickly figure out new interests and characteristics! I still haven’t fussed out what I wanna study, though..  I guess that bit is just a myth, I’m never gonna figure out 😀

All in all, you can see that these points are all quite subjective, based on my experience. But how are you supposed to know for yourself, wether I’m right or wrong, if you haven’t even tried travelling solo yet?! I can highly recommend it! It doesn’t have to be for long! You gan give it a go and if you don’t like it, you stop or find yourself a travelmate! Honestly, I had awesome times with the travelmates I had! Both, travelling solo and having a travelmate, can be fun! Why not giving both a shot?! You’ve got nothing to lose!!


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