The effects of a disrespectful employer on travellers!

Hey guys, what’s up!

I decided, it was time for a change. Well, actually, it was all planned beforehand already, but I was quite relieved, when the time at my old dairy farm was over. I felt mentally abused, after being blamed for things, that I didn’t even do.

On my last day, I left straight after work and arrived at the new farm in Tirau at night, getting straight into work the next morning. But I didn’t mind it at all. I’m just a bit tired.

The job is pretty similar. Milking and feeding the calves, but over here, it’s all a lot employee – friendlier.

After the first milking on my first day, I got taken to a motorbike – meet up on a bigger, hilly farm. It was a lot of fun to watch! They even let me ride! I took a few shortcuts and was the slowest, of course, but you still have to consider, that I haven’t been doing this for long. Let’s just say, I won the race 😛

2017-09-18 19.41.49

The farm is so high up, that you can see the ocean on top of the highest peak. It was a bit too cloudy for that that day, but seeing this, was still impressive. The way up was already an adventure itself, though. We had to drive along the outer edges of a cliff to avoid getting stuck in mud! A nice break from work!

I love, that I have way more opportunities to learn new things and that I get involved in all the tasks, instead of only milking and fencing at this job!

Of course, I’m still not perfect and still make mistakes. Some of them are more severe than others. But other than expected, my new employer was calm and respectful with me. He was considering, that I was still learning, which is the way it should be!

For a moment, I thought, I would have to listen to a preach again and already tried to mentally prepare myself. But nothing like that actually happened.

Yes, this is what a disrespectful behaviour of your employer towards travellers does to you. This was not the first time, that I had to deal with grumpy employers and I’ve experienced, what effect those behaviours had and still have on me.

Many of the younger travellers, me including, haven’t had much work experience yet and have a tough time to find a job anyway. Many employers, don’t want to hire inexperienced people, especially no travellers. If there is someone that actually offers us the opportunity to learn, we can surely expect some mercy of the employer.

However, the reality often looks different. It’s normal to get told off for things, that you do wrong, obviously. But in contrast to that, I’ve been insulted and blamed for things, that I had nothing to do with; things, that I did not even know anything about and things, that I’ve seen others do, but I still had to take the blame. I had been told to shut up, when I asked questions or wasn’t allowed to talk at all.

As a result, all the jobs, that required a little bit of responsibility were taken away from me. Just because I’m the “backpacker”, who “can’t understand English”.

On the other hand, I had to deal with sexist employers, that didn’t entrust me jobs, didn’t want to teach me or simply did not even give me a try, just because I’m a girl. While all the guys were allowed to go mustering, drive tractors, etc., I had to stay behind and clean. This resulted in me just learning how to drive the tractor myself, when the employer wasn’t watching. Becoming a rebel, because I was too scared to stand up for my rights in front of my employer, fearing to lose my job.

2017-08-04 21.52.58

Now, what other effects does this have on us?

Short term effects are clear. We become really insecure, about anything we are doing and stop asking questions, since our employer becomes a really intimidating person to us. This then results in more and more mistakes and a very depressed mood and atmosphere, while we should actually use these opportunities to increase our experience – horizon.

Long term effects are the more important ones. The jobs we take on during our travels are usually our first proper jobs, besides little part time jobs we did at home. They are our first real working experience! Getting treated like we were just a random person from another country, that doesn’t deserve to be treated like the locals, will leave a wrong impression, take all our motivation and will turn us into a scared and insecure character, rather than a confident person.

All that confidence, that has been built up during our travels as independent individuals has been damaged within a second. And we will take this behaviour from one job to another. We’re dragging the weight of our insecurities around with us on our shoulders, no matter, which job we take on.

This is not how it should be and this needs to stop! But you can’t just change the attitude of a person. They have to do it themselves.

This is just my experience, but I’m sure, some people went through the same. You have to be careful with the job choice, but of course, it also has to so with luck! Don’t let this bring you down! I had a lot of awesome jobs, that I really liked, too!

Just keep smiling and try to stand up for yourself!



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