Things I’ve learnt while travelling part 2

Hey all! 

Another week, another blog. Nothing has changed. I’m still working and basically braindead. I have been getting up at 5am every day for the past month and haven’t had a day off or anything. 

That’s why little cheer – ups, like the one my friend sent me from the Netherlands, are more than appreciated! She sent me an awesome “survival kit”. I never thought, I’d be so happy over a notepad, a razor or a pair of socks! Super cute of her!! Shoutout to my girl Esmee! Xx

Anyway, since part 1 seemed to be quite popular, here is part 2! Five more things, that I learned, while travelling!

1. Your name is irrelevant. Literally every conversation between traveller’s starts with any question, other than “What’s your name?”. It’s not the next question either or the question after that. If the questions occurs at all, it’s usually the last. (“Oh by the way, what’s your name?”) But what usually happens, is, that you end up forgetting to ask at all and after two days start wondering, whether it would be awkward to ask for the name, after you two have become good mates already..

2. Shoes aren’t necessary. Especially in Australia, many people just screw shoes. Whether you go int the mall, the grocery store or the service station, no one ever wears shoes and it is socially acceptable.. Well, in most places. Other places put up signs, telling you, that entry is prohibited without shirt or shoes.. or both. I must say, it is definitely convenient to leave them off, since I drive barefooted anyway. It’s just so much more comfortable!

3. Goodbyes are horrible. While travelling, you meet so many lovely people, that you have a really good time with and you never want to let go. But, since we’re all constantly on the move, goodbyes became inevitable. And they’rethe cruelest part about travelling. Especially, because you have no idea, whether you will see the other person, living on the other side of the world, ever again. But, hey, travel makes the world suddenly turn into a really small place, doesn’t it??

4. Earplugs are an essential. Most travellers decide to save their money, staying in hostels. I mean, you usually can’t afford anything else anyway, when you live on a budget. Especially, because hostels are expensive enough already, considering what you actually pay for: no privacy, snoring roommates and noisy couples. If you decide to stay in hostels, earplugs are a must! Unless, you have a really deep sleep..

5. Comfy clothes and sweatpants take up about 75% of your backpack. Let’s be honest, who needs to have fancy clothes, when you spend most of the time driving, hiking or trying to stay warm during cold nights in the car anyway. From all the fancy clothes, that I had with me, I haven’t kept a single piece in the end. It’s just not worth it. You’re clothes will get dirty and full of holes anyway, since the washing machine over here don’t really fullfill their purpose. Plus, you can just wear them with anything. True travellers just don’t have space for luxury!

Let me know, if you want a part 3!

Here is the link to part 1: 

Stay tuned everyone,



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