How a dog has accomplished what society has failed to achieve for years!

2017-10-21 18.22.52

This is Bella. She is an old dog with a remarkable story. In fact, she has achieved, what many people have failed to achieve! Let me tell you her story:

Bella is an outside – dog and besides that, a good guard dog. One day, her owners went out and left her chained up. This is when it happened… No one knows, how it happened…

When the owners came back to the house, Bella wouldn’t jump up to greet them, like she normally would. In fact, she just sat there not being able to move. Even when they let her of the chain, she couldn’t move. The reason for this is, that she popped her back out and got paralyzed in her back legs. No one knows why. It must have been a rapid movement and the chain holding her back.

Either way, the odds didn’t look good for Bella and the vets advised to put her down. But neither the owners, nor Bella herself just wanted to give up. So, they put her in a pool to train her legs day by day and Bella fought and fought and fought, until one day, she was able to move her legs again. The unbelievable had happened.

Now, she is fully able to walk and run again. It might look a bit funny, but that doesn’t bother the dog at all. She is the happiest dog, I’ve ever seen. You can see her smiling and if you talk to her, she will talk back. An extraordinary character, that many humans should all take as a role model.

It is the sad thruth, that our pets have a better understanding of life, than we have ourselves. I so often hear of people talking about their dreams and goals, but not doing anything about it. Without considering, that it might be too late one day, they just push it onto the next day and the next day and the next day… Or they don’t even have the will power to try at all. Why is that, that so many people just give up?

“It’s too hard” or “it’s impossible” are common excuses, but examples like the story of Bella prove that absolutely NOTHING is impossible!! Buy that plane ticket, that takes you into the unknown. Let go off that person, that brings you down. Start learning, what you always wanted to learn. It’s only a small step, leading to the biggest step towards actual “life”. We were not meant to stay in our bubbles. Take chances, get out of your bubble and break free!

Why don’t we all go out there and start living? Why don’t we all find our purpose to live? Working every single day until we die is not living! Where are your dreams? Where are the changes? Where is the will power? Where is life?? Never stop believing in yourself! Never stop dreaming! Start living!

You can do anything you want, if you really want it! There is always a way! 💕


P.S.: A quick update on my life: While I was invited to a birthday party and met up with a friend, that I met a year ago in Australia, I realised, how small the world actually is. It also gave me faith, that I actually might meet all those lovely, that I’ve met in Australia and New Zealand, somewhere else in the world again. The world is small! :))

Besides, I got to experience, how it must feel like to get punched in the stomach. Well, I got kicked… by a cow.. but the feeling must have been the same. Couldn’t breathe for a few seconds. Animals have hurt me so much during my travels now, I’m wondering, how I’m still alive. 😛

In general, I must admit, that this job brings me so little money only, it surely doesn’t justify me never having a day off. It’s just shocking how I’ve earnt more in Australia after two weeks of work, than I have earned here in almost five weeks. I’m not putting all the jobs in the same pot, I know, there are better paid jobs out here. It’s just frustrating…

But again, a massive “thank you” to my girl Esmee and her family, for sending me this awesome early christmas present!! It made me extremely happy!! 😊😙

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