This blog is all about Travel and Confidence: in your writing, the world around you and most importantly, in yourself! Be passionate, be unique, be different, only listen to yourself and let no one tell you otherwise!

Welcome to my World!

I’m Dani, 20, really into photography, a German traveller and … I know, I know, “not another German”, you might think, but hey, I’m different. I started my travels two years ago in Australia and seemed to be just like any other German: acting like a tourist, staying in my comfort zone, spending a lot of time with other Germans..  but I changed a lot. Turned from a tourist into a traveller, gaining an “if-you-tell-me-I-can’t-go-and-watch-me-proving-you-wrong-attitude”! I love tackling new challenges and doing my own thing, travelling preferably on my own. I actually got this attitude from a local, now a good mate of mine, who turned into a massive life inspiration and is also the one, my blog title is dedicated to. “CAN, WILL, DID” – his words, which made me think and change my attitude! You Can do anything, you Will do whatever you want and then suddenly you Did it. If you got that you’re ready to take over the world!

However, basically, I’m just like you. I couldn’t have been any more scared before I started my solo trip and I’m also just another introvert to scared to do things by herself. You wanna know how I still managed to get myself together and find my way through? Don’t worry. I’ll teach you everything and more on my blog!

Well, long story short: I started this blog as a personal travel diary in German but decided to switch to English and go public since I wanna share my adventures with the world! The German posts won’t be featured on my website any longer, but you still have full access to my travel diary and more using this link:


During my travels, I follow my bucket list. Basically the one and the only thing I follow! Plans? Who needs those? Just do whatever feels right and be happy!

This whole attitude resulted in my very first own novel, based on a true story. It’s not released yet but will be shortly. Here a quick sneak peek:

Dead people are not actually dead. They still live inside of all the loved ones that are not ready to let go yet.

When Petra finds a mysterious note, she decides to leave everything behind and flies to Australia. Not only to escape from a long-lasting misery but also to live a long-existing dream. From being stranded with nothing but burning heat in the middle of nowhere to an attempt of catching a crocodile, she has to go through ups and downs during her travels and it doesn’t take long until she finds herself changing. Little does she know, the passing of her mum plays a major role and for some reason, she believes that the note was left behind intentionally.

I could go on forever and ever, but you better explore my blog yourself! There’s so much to discover; you’ll love it! I’m always happy about feedback! Go and share some love and tips! I hope you enjoy reading my blog!



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