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I have moved!

Hey guys, how’s it going?
After spending two horrible, sleepless nights in a hostel, I was honestly relieved to finally have my own room again. I started my job in a cafe in Omarama, living in a shared flat, right above the store. The job can get really busy, but I seriously don’t mind it. As a non-coffee drinker, I learned a lot about how to make the different types of coffee and how to serve them on my first day. Whether they actually taste good is another story though 😛  Other than that, it’s a lot of cleaning, serving costumers and washing dishes. And I mean a lot of dishes!
But this is not the only change that has happened. I’ve spent the past week, working hours and hours on my blog. Why? Cause I’ve moved to a self-hosted site! I’ve moved from to, using Bluehost.
Again, why? I just needed to have the opportunity to do whatever I want. And that’s exactly what Bluehost allows you to do! Ranging from a custom domain name to any possible plugin you can imagine. Whether you want an email list for your subscribers or simple just a slideshow in your blog posts, Bluehost got you covered!
Worried about losing all your content? Don’t be! You can simply export your old content from and import it to, making a few clicks on your dashboard!
After so many hours of work, I finally feel like I’ve created a blog, that I’m thoroughly content with! It obviously meant a few sacrifices, one being losing all my current subscribers, as I won’t be able to move them without having the ability to use plugins on With this blog post, I encourage you to check out my new site, which is under the same domain name:
I hope my dedicated readers have found their way back and subscribe to my new site as well. It would definitely give me the feeling I have done all this for nothing 😉
To anyone who is interested in moving as well, follow this link and check it out! It’s really not that expensive 😉

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