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My time in Antarctica!

Hey guys, I’m back…



… and currently exploring New Zealand’s beautiful South Island. People had warned me that roads down here are different, but I certainly didn’t expect that: on a stretch of 90kms, I had 30 different patches of roadwork!! What the hell?! But there was a good thing about it: Going 30 all the way gave me the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful scenery!

So from Picton and the beautiful Marlborough Sounds, I finally made it into the “Nelson Lakes National Park”. The first lake, I visited was “Lake Rotoiti”, a bigger lake surrounded by majestic fiords! One of the mountains even had a few patches of snow on its peak still, although it was burning hot! The views were absolutely stunning! A perfect place to relax and rewind…

However, the other lake, “Lake Rotoroa”, was only worth a brief visit. Not because of disappointing views. Quite the contrary, I would have loved to stay longer to enjoy the views, if there weren’t all those sandflies! It was insane!! You couldn’t walk a metre without getting attacked by thousands and thousands of the tiny monsters!

While the scenery on my way to Christchurch was absolutely stunning, the next stops along the way were rather average. I stopped at “Maruia Falls” and … that was basically it. 😀 I missed the turnoffs to the other destinations… And I’m still trying to figure out, whether I did that on purpose or not 😛


But before that, I got to meet up with two stalkers of mine! 😀 Just kidding! I got to meet Vera and her travelmate again after I had said goodbye to her twice already, assuming that we wouldn’t see each other again! It’s a small world!

2017-11-27 20.26.26.png

Together, we explored the interesting city of Christchurch. Due to its most recent earthquake activity, many parts are under construction. The well most interesting part was the old cathedral, that had been completely destroyed and the new cathedral, that had been built using cardboard, in order to make it safer!


Other than that, Christchurch has many more interesting safety features. One of which being parts of the citie’s shops being opened in actual containers!

2017-11-27 18.34.26

It might all look nice and colourful, but it’s actually a quite sad history of Christchurch. They even try to spread some more cheer and colourfulness by using little artworks here and there, in order to cover up earthquake results.

My absolute highlight of Christchurch was definitely the “International Antarctic Centre”, though! I did not only get the chance to experience a ride on a real Hägglund but also watched a penguin feeding and got to experience an Antarctic storm simulation in real ice and snow!

It was definitely way more than I expected it to be! The Hägglund ride was actually a ride through an obstacle course, showing you all the impressive abilities of the vehicle. Thus, we drove over a 2m gap, over a bunch of tyres, up and down 45-degree angles and through a deep pit, full of water and branches. 4wds surely can’t keep up with that!


My further travels will now continue with an old friend of mine. Well, actually, she is not that much of an old friend! I met her here in New Zealand, we travelled parts of the North Island together and now it is time to reunite!! Ladies and gentlemen… Kelsey is back!!
Check out my latest Vlog, as well:


By the way, the story of my book is finally finished!! I’m only reading through it once more to correct all mistakes and then it should be finished, which will probably be in a week!


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