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Moving on!

G’day everybody,

I’m finally back on the road! The last days on the farm have been rough… Not because of the work, but because of the huge amount of money, I ended up investing in my van. 743$ to be exact! The WOF was due, so I brought it into the workshop, but a backpacker’s car wouldn’t be a backpacker’s car without sudden issues, that only appear when they need to pass certain mechanical tests. This time, my van decided to wreck it’s battery first of all. But that was not it. Also, the passenger’s door played up, making it impossible to change the oil, which is located underneath the passenger seat. And if that wasn’t already enough, I ended up failing the WOF either way, due to a tiny hole of rust in the frame of my boot… It’s tiny… and in my boot… How does this affect my driving?! And why does it cost 480$ (!!) to patch up a hole?!?!

Many many hours at the mechanic and 743$ later, I eventually had everything ready to go… Well, except for the money because that was gone. So practically, I can start looking for a new job straight away. Any offers??

Just in case of emergency, Joel offered me to come back anytime, if I need work. Seems like he was quite happy with me. Apparently, I had been the best worker, he ever had! 🙂 But to be honest, I have enough of work for a while and I need a break after working straight for two and a half months without a single day off…


So, wherever the wind would carry me, I started my journey into the unknown. Just kidding, my destination was Wellington, but I wanted to make sure, that I don’t miss out on anything on the way, which is why I took an extremely windy detour and ended up in “Castlepoint”, feeling like I need to throw up. Once again…

Because Karma wouldn’t be Karma without messing with me, the weather was pretty bad, when I actually felt better to explore what Castlepoint is famous for: its lighthouse. After fighting against strong winds and massive raindrops (just kidding :P), I finally got up to the top and got instantly rewarded with impressive views, despite bad weather.


I got an amazing impression of how crowded it actually is from the top of “Mount Victoria”. It probably gives you the best views over Wellington’s harbour, stadium and airport. With it being one out of 176 windy days in Wellington, it got quite chilly up there though, which is why I also decided to take the same bus, that I took up, about 15 minutes later back again. The driver must have felt a bit sorry for me, though, as he decided to let me go for free. I don’t know, how that always happens to me, but I surely won’t say no 😛

Tuesday was then finally the day of new adventures. Around noon, I hopped on the ferry, heading towards the South Island and new adventures! Well, it didn’t go as smooth, as I hoped for… I had to wait in my car under the burning sun for about 5 hours before I could actually drive onto the ferry! “Sunburn” is a pretty nice way to describe my current skin condition! 😛 But the views, that I had been offered during the ferry ride, definitely made up for it!

Bye for now, North Island!

Always remember: Dare Yourself and Prove them wrong!


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6 reasons why you should buy that plane ticket!

G’day all!

Have you ever been debating, whether or not you should take the big step and start your adventure into the unknown? It’s okay to be scared! I will give you 6 reasons, why you should buy that plane ticket!

1. You would regret it.  Never ever reject a big opportunity. If you won’t take chances, you will regret it big time! It will happen sooner or later and who wants to grow old, thinking about the things, we didn’t do, when we had the chance?!

2. It will change you. You might not believe it, but travelling will actually change you to the goood! It might not change your character magically, turning you into the person, that you always wanted to be, but it will certainly make you a whole lot more independent and daring!

3. No Uni can teach you what you learn in a foreign country. You think you need to get far in life? Well, let me tell you a thing: No Uni can teach you, what you learn during your travels. Because it’s not the theoretical things, that you learned from books, that makes you intelligent. You learn a lot more about culture and life, that no one could teach you but yourself!

4. It’s the only ever way to get over stereotypes. If you never give new cultures and nationalities a chance, you will always keep your judgemental attitudes, giving you a hard time in life. The best way to rethink all these stereotypes, that are out there, is to make your own image of the situation!

5. You will make heaps of international friends. Number 4. goes hand in hand with number 5. The more you interact with other nationalities, the more international friends you will make. How amazing is it to know, that you know people from all over the world, that are waiting for you to visit them in their home country!

6. You’re too young to waste your life being stuck in one place. Let’s be honest. Life is not about being stuck in one place and working every day until we die. What do we save up for, if we never do something with our savings? Even if you don’t have any savings, it’s definitely possible to just go out there and live life! We were not meant to stay in one place when there is a whole world to be explored!

Buy the plane ticket!

Dare Yourself – Prove them wrong!


Little Update: My book is going great! I’m getting closer and closer to finishing the story. Other than that, we have been celebrating “Guy Fawkes”, which is an English thing, to everyone, who doesn’t know it. It was great, with fireworks, campfire and BBQ! Plus, I had to find out, that my car battery is wrecked. Great way to lose all the money, that I just saved up because it’s not only the battery, it’s also WOF, oil change and service, that needs to be done… 9 more days and I will be back on the road!

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We have all done it… **Backpacker confessions**

G’day everyone!

What’s up? Still everything as normal here on the farm. Well, to be honest, I got pretty sick (happens, when you work in the rain :P). It’s really annoying. Especially, when you work 7 days a week and getting a day off is not that simple. But not long and I’m finally free! To be honest, it’s quite tough for me here at the moment. People are going through a divorce and I’m somewhere in between. There is no happiness here in this house at the moment. It’s quite depressing.

Before I get into the article, I would like to point out, that someone actually printed one of my photos on canvas! Feels awesome to know, that someone likes my photos that much! Although it was not even one of my best photos, I’m still happy with the result:


All right, here we go! 10 things, we all must admit having done at least once:

1. Washing your clothes in the shower and drying them with a hairdryer. Yep, that’s right. It saves you a lot of money for the expensive machines, that can cost up to 5$ per wash in Australia. Unfortunately, the washing machines don’t really do a good job, which is why I would never attempt to wash white or expensive. To be honest, most of my clothes are old, full of holes or from Kmart anyway. 😛

2. Stealing clothes other people forgot in hostels. Clothes are far too expensive. Moreover, we don’t want to waste money on new clothes, if there are so many adventures, that we could spend money on instead. Luckily, the cleaning staff in hostels often forgets to check underneath the beds, which is where many people forget their clothes. It’s simple: Wash it, wear it, it’s yours! Jackpot! No one would come back to claim back an old shirt, that has been sitting underneath the bed for months!

3. Fixing thongs with duct tape. Who needs shoes, when something like thongs exists. To the inventor of the thongs: You are a genius! Unfortunately, most of them don’t last forever. Especially not the 3$ thongs, that you pulled out of the vending machine. This is where duct tape comes in handy! Never would we think of getting rid of them! No, we fix them and wear them with pride. What about the old put-an-old-bread-bag-clip-underneath-the-thong-trick, hey? You all know, what I’m talking about.


4. Sitting in front of buildings to steal wifi. If there is no library in reachable distance, most of us wouldn’t hesitate to sit in front of restaurants and buildings to get some of their free wifi. Even, if that underlines our homelessness even more. Data are fairly expensive and sometimes, you need to switch your priorities around a bit.

5. If it’s free – you take it, no matter whether you need it or not. Number one rule of backpacking! The word “free” turns into your absolute favourite word when you’re living on a tight budget!

6. Being willing to spend the night on a freezing bus/ train. It’s cheaper than a flight, plus, you save on a night’s accommodation fee. So why would we not spend the night in a super uncomfortable, freezing bus, with no chance to find any sleep? Makes total sense to me!


7. You love to experiment to find out about the best travel hacks. As a traveller, you sometimes need to get creative in order to get a through. Throughout the years, we have developed the most creative travel hacks, that should be awarded. Let me give you an example: You don’t need a stove! When the kitchen is busy, you might as well take the cattle into your room and boil your eggs in the cattle. Thank me later 😀

8. You know more mechanics than National Parks. As much as we live our home on wheels, they are usually a waste of money. They are old and have done way too many ks. Plus, the need regular oil changes. Oh, and what was that rattling noise, that recently kicked in? Mechanics become your new best friend. Whether they rip you off or not, you tend to get really dependent on them, wherever you go.

9. You regret having taken so much stuff with you. Before you leave, you can’t imagine, how you could possibly survive on “so little”, but after you arrive, you will soon realize, that you have packed WAY too much. You will start to get rid of unnecessary stuff like hair dryers and that third pair of shoes. Carrying around an over-heavy backpack is not funny, trust me!

10. You’re never gonna feel “home” again. This is what travelling is all about. We lose our hearts in a certain place and wish, that we wouldn’t have to leave the country at some point. Well, the day usually comes sooner than expected. But once we’re home, we notice, that this isn’t  “home” anymore. Our home is somewhere else, on the other side of the globe ❤

Don’t forget to smile,


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Things I’ve learnt while travelling part 2

Hey all!

Another week, another blog. Nothing has changed. I’m still working and basically braindead. I have been getting up at 5 am every day for the past month and haven’t had a day off or anything.

That’s why little cheer – ups, like the one my friend sent me from the Netherlands, are more than appreciated! She sent me an awesome “survival kit”. I never thought I’d be so happy over a notepad, a razor or a pair of socks! Super cute of her!! Shoutout to my girl Esmee! Xx

Anyway, since part 1 seemed to be quite popular, here is part 2! Five more things, that I learnt while travelling!

1. Your name is irrelevant. Literally every conversation between traveller’s starts with any question, other than “What’s your name?”. It’s not the next question either or the question after that. If the questions occur at all, it’s usually the last. (“Oh by the way, what’s your name?”) But what usually happens, is, that you end up forgetting to ask at all and after two days start wondering, whether it would be awkward to ask for the name, after you two have become good mates already…

2. Shoes aren’t necessary. Especially in Australia, many people just screw shoes. Whether you go int the mall, the grocery store or the service station, no one ever wears shoes and it is socially acceptable… Well, in most places. Other places put up signs, telling you, that entry is prohibited without shirt or shoes.. or both. I must say, it is definitely convenient to leave them off since I drive barefooted anyway. It’s just so much more comfortable!

3. Goodbyes are horrible. While travelling, you meet so many lovely people, that you have a really good time with and you never want to let go. But, since we’re all constantly on the move, goodbyes became inevitable. And they’re the cruellest part about travelling. Especially, because you have no idea, whether you will see the other person, living on the other side of the world, ever again. But, hey, travel makes the world suddenly turn into a really small place, doesn’t it??

4. Earplugs are an essential. Most travellers decide to save their money, staying in hostels. I mean, you usually can’t afford anything else anyway, when you live on a budget. Especially, because hostels are expensive enough already, considering what you actually pay for: no privacy, snoring roommates and noisy couples. If you decide to stay in hostels, earplugs are a must! Unless you have a really deep sleep…

5. Comfy clothes and sweatpants take up about 75% of your backpack. Let’s be honest, who needs to have fancy clothes, when you spend most of the time driving, hiking or trying to stay warm during cold nights in the car anyway. From all the fancy clothes, that I had with me, I haven’t kept a single piece in the end. It’s just not worth it. Your clothes will get dirty and full of holes anyway, since the washing machine over here doesn’t really fulfil its purpose. Plus, you can just wear them with anything. True travellers just don’t have space for luxury!

Let me know if you want a part 3!

Here is the link to part 1:

Stay tuned everyone,


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Expectations vs Reality: Backpacking

Hey everyone!

Since I have recently lost all my money, I had nothing else to do than working my a** off. Why? Because no one told me, you had to pay for “road user charges” here in New Zealand. I already thought, it can’t be right, when I saw the cheap diesel prices… What am I talking about? Well, all diesel cars have to get a specific license and pay for their kilometres in advance, while petrol cars have to pay a lot more at the service station. Since I had no idea, that I had to get that license, until now, I had to pay for 7000ks that I was over already, plus another 3000 to keep driving for a little while. That was 620$ and thereby all the money, I had. The payment of my first job is already overdue. Hopefully, it comes in soon..

The bloody time change also killed me a little because I basically start work at four in the morning now..

Anyway since, my week was pretty similar to last week and the only “new” thing was, that I got to meet all the neighbours, here are some stereotypical expectations, that others and I had before I started my backpacking adventure and their harsh reality! How unexpected!

1. Expectation: You’ll spend a lot of time carrying your backpack around. Before I spend my travels, I often heard, that people thought, I would walk around in the desert carrying my backpack around with no other soul around. But come on! Backpacking doesn’t automatically mean, you end up as a nomad in the Sahara desert. In reality, backpackers usually always only carry a small daypack around, leaving the backpack in the car or hostel. Unlesd you have to take on half a daytrip with your backpack to get from your hostel to the train station, looking like a humpback whale: Your backpack on your back, your dayback at the front, another bag full of food in your hand and your phone with Google Maps open in your other hand.

2. Expectation: You will lose weight from all the walking. The above expectation is the reason, why people think, you might lose weight. I thought, I would lose weight, too. But not only because of the walking, but also because I wouldn’t be able to afford food, since food would probably turn into a luxury. However, in reality, you realize quickly, that fast food and instant noodles seem to be a lot cheaper than healthy food and is actually affordable. Usually not being able to carry dairy and vegetables around with you, you soon end up in an instant – noodle – addiction. Dangerous trap.

3. Expectation: You’ll have a lot of time for yourself. We have all imagined this scenario before. Sitting on a cliffs edge all by yourself, enjoying nature and thinking about life. But that’s all half the truth. In reality, you end up spending a lot more time around others than you asked for. In fact, there is always someone around you. Wether it is your hostel – roommates, other campers or a tourist, that is trying to enjoy the same scenario, you thought you had claimed for yourself. Even, when you stay away from tourist hotspots. You barely have time on your own… oh, this includes privacy. I don’t know, what privacy is anymore.

4. Expectation: You’ll figure out what you wanna do in life. “I’ll just take a gap year after school, so there is enough time for me to figure out, what I want to do in life.” You all know, what I’m talking about and you all know, that it’s a pure lie. In reality, you learn things about yourself, that you didn’t know before, which raises more questions than answers. In the end, we have more doubt, than we had before.

5. Expectation: Backpacking is a holiday. I always hear, that people envy my life. They tell me, that they wish, they could just take a two year holiday. Okay, first of all: you can! There is no excuse. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: You can do anything, you want, if you really want it! But to be honest, backpacking is great, but certainly NOT a holiday.  There is a huge difference between vacation and travelling! In reality, we end up losing a lot of nerves organizing our life. While you don’t have to worry about anything on your vacation. You have to worry about everything during your travels. Whether it is the insurance, the accommodation or the job. Travels are not financed by mum and dad (usually). In order to be able to backpack for two years, a lot of effort is required!

Of course, these points are all based on my opinion and experiences. Don’t take it too serious!

Keep smiling!


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