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6 reasons why you should buy that plane ticket!

G’day all!

Have you ever been debating, whether or not you should take the big step and start your adventure into the unknown? It’s okay to be scared! I will give you 6 reasons, why you should buy that plane ticket!

1. You would regret it.  Never ever reject a big opportunity. If you won’t take chances, you will regret it big time! It will happen sooner or later and who wants to grow old, thinking about the things, we didn’t do, when we had the chance?!

2. It will change you. You might not believe it, but travelling will actually change you to the goood! It might not change your character magically, turning you into the person, that you always wanted to be, but it will certainly make you a whole lot more independent and daring!

3. No Uni can teach you what you learn in a foreign country. You think you need to get far in life? Well, let me tell you a thing: No Uni can teach you, what you learn during your travels. Because it’s not the theoretical things, that you learned from books, that makes you intelligent. You learn a lot more about culture and life, that no one could teach you but yourself!

4. It’s the only ever way to get over stereotypes. If you never give new cultures and nationalities a chance, you will always keep your judgemental attitudes, giving you a hard time in life. The best way to rethink all these stereotypes, that are out there, is to make your own image of the situation!

5. You will make heaps of international friends. Number 4. goes hand in hand with number 5. The more you interact with other nationalities, the more international friends you will make. How amazing is it to know, that you know people from all over the world, that are waiting for you to visit them in their home country!

6. You’re too young to waste your life being stuck in one place. Let’s be honest. Life is not about being stuck in one place and working every day until we die. What do we save up for, if we never do something with our savings? Even if you don’t have any savings, it’s definitely possible to just go out there and live life! We were not meant to stay in one place when there is a whole world to be explored!

Buy the plane ticket!

Dare Yourself – Prove them wrong!


Little Update: My book is going great! I’m getting closer and closer to finishing the story. Other than that, we have been celebrating “Guy Fawkes”, which is an English thing, to everyone, who doesn’t know it. It was great, with fireworks, campfire and BBQ! Plus, I had to find out, that my car battery is wrecked. Great way to lose all the money, that I just saved up because it’s not only the battery, it’s also WOF, oil change and service, that needs to be done… 9 more days and I will be back on the road!

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How to make friends while travelling?!

G’day everyone!

I hope, you all had a lovely week! I’m still here stuck in work, having to deal with cows, slapping their dirty tails into my face, while I milk them! One day, they’re gonna knock me out, cause they’re not gentle, that’s for sure! 😛

I think, I also start to get an arthrose in my hands and fingers slowly, but I’ll survive. Only about a month to go! Writing is definitely a good way, to keep me entertained. Little update on my book: I’m getting there! I’ll work on it every single day, during my breaks 😉

Well, I’ve recently been asked for advise on how to make friends, while travelling. So I thought, I’ll share my oponion to everyone. Might be useful for the one or the other.

The best advise, that I can give you, is not to actively look for friends. Don’t stress out, trying to meet people. Enjoy your time, it will happen all by itself! During my travels, I’ve experienced, that I met the most people by coincidence. Well, actually, that’s how I met 90% of my travel buddies, since I’m not the most social person. Ironically, I often end up meeting the best people, when things go wrong and I do not even want to socialize. What can I say: Expect the unexpected!

Furthermore, you need to get over stereotypes! You shouldn’t expect to be able to find a lot of friends, if you’re picky! Tattooes don’t mean, the person is a criminal and glasses don’t mean, that you can’t have fun with that person. Give everybody a chance and I promise, you won’t regret it!

The best place to meet other travellers is in a hostel, obviously. You don’t even have to go to the hostel’s bar or something, just talk to your roomies! I have the strong feeling, that the odds always put likeminded people in the same room 😉

If you’re like me and you want to stay away from other backpackers, meeting the locals instead, I can recommend AirBnb or Couchsurfing. Two great apps, that the majority should know. Its an awesome way to get in touch with the locals, who can often tell you their secret spots and recommendations. The best part about it is, that Couchsurfing is completely free!

In general, you should just do what you love! Go hiking, go sightseeing, relax by the river etc. I’ve experinced, that you’re more likely to meet people, that could turn into friends for life, if you do what you love! You don’t have to go into clubs and parties to meet new people! There is hope for people like me, who get really uncomfortable really quickly! 😉

So, in conclusion you can see, that it’s best not to worry too much! Focus on other important things instead and you will meet the most amazing people. It will happen. Just give it some time! Don’t waste your valuable travel – time!

Stay tuned!


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The edge of the world!

Hey guys, what’s up?

You know how I was writing about my tsunami – anxiety in my last blog post?? Well, it’s kinda justified over here! It’s even so much of a real thing, that the government even considers using marine life, like dolphins, stingrays and sharks as an extra security system. Doesn’t make much sense to you? Well, here is the explanation: All these animals have the ability to sense vibration a lot better than we can and react to it by swimming offshore, further into the ocean. So, as soon as they sense an earthquake, a bunch of animals would suddenly be swimming further into the sea. By tagging and monitoring them, this could actually be another early tsunami – warning system for the people living close to the sea! Would be a blessing for us humans, but probably more of a torture for the animals having to get tagged, I assume.

However, I actually got up with this, because I got the once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to feed and pet wild stingrays in the Gisborne area! They were a lot smaller than expected, but suuuuper friendly! They actually like to sit on your feet, while they get a little pet! A bit like a real pet! 😀 I was actually the only one on the tour, thus, I had plenty of opportunities to feed them. Unlike dolphins, they have a slime – layer covering their skin, making it possible for us to approach them, without them catching any bacteria from us, making them sick!

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You’ve probably all heard of the Steve Irwin accident, making them seem like aggressive creatures, while it was actually just a defence mechanism, which they can only use once in their life! I’m definitely seeing them as less dangerous and actually super friendly creatures now 🙂

By the way: It’s happening again… Again, I broke a camera…  Luckily, it was only my cheap waterproof camera, but I still don’t get it! I did not even touch it this time! What do I do wrong?!

Later that day, I checked out the “Rere Falls” before I ended up meeting a bunch of crazy locals at my campground, who invited me over for dinner and drinks! Super friendly people, trying to help, where they can! One of them is a 22 –  year – old girl, who even invited me to her aunt’s house in Routoria!

2017-08-24 17.56.36

But first, I was on a mission to chase the sunrise. It was not like any other sunrise, it was THE FIRST glimpse of a sunrise, you ever get to see in the world! I’ve been to the easternmost lighthouse of the world – the EDGE OF THE WORLD! I can proudly say, I was the first person in the world to see the sunrise since the earth is tilted!! It was just magical! Not like any other sunrise! It seemed to be a lot clearer! Or maybe that’s just me, I don’t know 😀 However, I genuinely loved it!

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Gisborne itself is also the place that Captain James Cook landed on when he discovered New Zealand in 1769!

Getting to the easternmost point itself though was hard work. Many, many ks of windy road, a quick stop at a 600m long wharf, unbelievable amounts of gravel on a 20k gravel road and 800 steps later I was at the top of the “East Cape”, where you find the famous lighthouse! I’ve expected nicer views, to be honest, but ..  I mean… what do you expect to see at the easternmost point, except for water! 😛 I doubt you can spot America! 😀 What I spotted instead was massive moths!! You think those big as moths only exist in movies?? Hahahah! Hell no…

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Finding a camp spot later on was literally the hardest part of the day! This might be a bit subjective, but I don’t think, that caravan park owners elsewhere would suggest to head to another caravan park because the sides are too muddy! Am I wrong?? Normally, it’s all about the money isn’t it?? And by that I mean: all over the world! They usually always try o make it possible for you to stay somehow! But over here people are genuinely honest, making your wellbeing priority! I’ve never experienced that before, hence, I’m sorry, if my above statement is offensive in any way. But come one: It’s true, isn’t it?!?!

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So, I  picked up the girl that I met in the caravan park and together we went out to her aunt’s house. It’s quite remote. A small farm on the east coast! This half of her family is Maori. Super friendly people that just randomly invited me into their house. It’s massive and full of Maori carvings, having belonged to a prominent Maori descendant! I really don’t know, how I so often end up getting the opportunity to get to know locals, unlike many other travellers. I’m super grateful for these opportunities! They are definitely life-forming moments! 🙂

Anyway, during our little road trip, I actually got to know the girl a little bit! Believe it or not, but she got into a horrible car accident… innocent..  I’ve seen pictures.. 2 out of 5 dead! Guys, always be wary! Don’t take anything for granted! No one expects it to happen to them, but not expecting it doesn’t mean, it won’t happen! Seeing the picture of the crashed car wreck thoroughly shocked me! I can’t show it to you guys, I just hope that things like that might actually make people aware of the dangers!!

So after we had arrived, we went out to the beach in a 4wd. It was a tough track though, I tell ya! We had to go through a creek and multiple deepish crossings to actually get to that beach! That is exactly what I love! Back in my element!

It was lowtide, so Toni’s cousin decided to actually dive into the water looking for shellfish. Yes, her cousin actually jumped into the water collecting the seafood by hand and no, I didn’t do it. I was just spectator 😀

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The tide came in quite soon, which is why we had to get back to the vehicle before we got washed away 😛 We then made our way back via a different track, almost getting bogged on the beach 😀

I’m sorry for making this blog post a massive preach, but I’d like to point out how welcoming indigenous people are! I’ve experienced the same in Australia! These people live together in close communities, knowing, helping and respecting each other and foreigners. You basically get treated as a part of their family, no matter, whether you actually know these people or not. I legit just got introduced to a young family, no one actually knew who I was, but regardless, the kids came and hugged me and I got kisses on the cheek! I reckon the way they live is, what is lacking in many other societies! These days many other people are just focused on themselves, trying to avoid getting out of their little bubble! I’m tired of people judging the indigenous! Guys, if you have no idea about the truth, if you haven’t experienced it, don’t go out and spread the word of others. If you don’t manage to make your own picture of a situation, don’t go and believe other people’s rumours! Of course, there are always exceptions, but please don’t put everyone in the same pot!

Consider the world as a rainbow: multiple colours living next to each other happily! That was cheesy, I know!  I was just looking for a good transition, to tell you about my adventures at Rainbow Mountain between Rotorua and Taupo!

Because I have the job lined up in Taranaki, I’m slowly making my way back. Rainbow Mountain is a stop along the way, that I still wanted to see anyway! It has an elevation of about 750m and is called “Rainbow Mountain”, due to the coloured silica you’re walking on!

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I was super lucky with the weather! It was pouring like crazy the day before!! You know it’s storming when the ducks vacate the lake and move into the puddle next door since there are crazy waves in the lake! Yes, waves! Kinda scary, knowing it’s a lake and not the sea…

Anyway, I climbed up Rainbow Mountain. It was definitely a challenge! The rain made it all muddy and uneven! It’s actually a mountain bike trail as well, but I wouldn’t attempt it… hell, no! There are partly massive holes! You can’t even ride your bike around them! Don’t know, how people do it, but they’ve got my respect!

I got really close to the summit when I suddenly started feeling really uneasy… But giving up was not an option for me! This doesn’t mean, I’m encouraging people to do the same! If you’re hiking on your own somewhere and you feel unwell, you should return. I’ve recently heard a story of a girl dying on a hike because she suddenly got sick and didn’t get help soon enough… So, take care, guys!

I made it, though! The views were nice, but a bit clouded! Once again, I could see how green New Zealand actually is, it’s unbelievable! A special country, for sure!

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You should go and explore it yourself!

Dare Yourself!


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