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The hardest part about travelling no one talks about..

Hey guys!

“I wish I had your life”, is what I often get to hear… so I just felt like I needed to clarify a few things. Well, I often hear that people are super jealous of people like me who took the opportunity to see the world. I’ve been traveling for over two years straight now and I can certainly say that it is not all fun and laughter…

The hard part about travelling that no one talks about.. 

Of course, travelling is fun, it makes me happy, it makes me feel better and forget about the past, it widens my horizon and it teaches me about life!! But certain things still seem to be bothering me, giving me some emotional “ups & downs” I sometimes can’t handle:

  1. Loneliness: Yes, I do prefer travelling on my own and I absolutely love it! Yet, there are still times when I wish there would be someone that accompanies me along my journey. Someone who listens to my stories or even sees what I see, someone who catches me when I fall and lifts me up again, someone who leads me onto the right path, when it gets tough. Simply, a persistent person that I can always come back to. People might say that I can still just contact family members, which I could, but I’m still certain that people that haven’t experienced what I experience don’t necessarily understand what I’m talking about. Which brings me to my next point.
  2. Having to say goodbye over and over again: Along my travels I constantly meet all these amazing people that become an important part of my life. Some of which are a life inspiration, some are like family to me, some people simply just make me happy just by being around. All these people mean the world to me and I’m extremely lucky to have met those people!! But during my travels, it always comes to the point, when you have to say “goodbye”. You’re super close to that certain person and suddenly you both walk into different directions, unsure, wether you’re actually gonna see each other again.. That person who understood, that person who made you smile, that person you look up to.. gone.. over and over again… Having lost an important person in my life at a young age, I can guarantee you that it hurts to let go off people over and over again. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’m a bit too sensitive, but I know for sure that it is extremely hard for me to let new people into my life, knowing they’re gonna leave it again. But you’re always gonna see each other at least twice in your life, right??
  3. Keeping in touch: Wether it is with the people you meet along your travels or friends and family in your home country, keeping in touch on a regular basis while travelling is basically impossible. Reasons for that are first of all different time zones and second of all the fact that everyone is having their own exciting life. There is simply no time to get hung up in social media, while there is a life out there that needs to be lived. That also means, that you slowly start to lose contact with all those people that you “promised” to keep in touch with. This blog is my way of keeping in touch. I’m not an extremely social person and I’m sorry, if I forget about birthdays etc.
  4. Giving up on basic needs: There is this saying stating that travellers pay a few thousands dollars just to live like a homeless person. It’s ironical, but in fact, it is true! All that money that is invested into our travels goes into that accomodation that needs to be organised every night, that car that is gonna be your “home” for the next while or that food that is the cheapest you could find and for sure doesn’t calm your appetite. And in the end, we still end up being broke, desperately hoping to find a job somewhere! Yes, we wear the same clothes over and over again, cause we simply can’t afford new ones, yes, we go with the cheap food instead of the food we fancy, yes, we often camp out in the freezing cold without any amenities and in the rain and yes, privacy often doesn’t exist when we wish it would, constantly being surrounded by people. We sacrifice all this to live the life we chose to and the life we love!
  5. The feeling of being lost: I must admit that I sometimes wish I had a daily routine again and that I wouldn’t have to worry about not having a place to sleep everyday or the constant worry about losing valuables, while leaving them around a bunch of strangers. Who can you trust?? Travelling often gives you the feeling of being lost, not knowing where to go, not knowing who is there to help you, not knowing what to do, especially when it gets tough. I’ve been through so much in my travels that changed my view on life. So many situations that made me appreciate things that I didn’t appreciate before, like that cold drop of water for instance. There are so many moments that you just want to give up and travel back to your home country, BUT travelling on the other hand made me realize that there is ALWAYS someone who can help! Even if it’s just that random stranger. Even when you fall, you always gotta lift yourself up again and keep going. Whenever one door closes, there is always gonna be another one that opens up!!

This article may seem a little dismally and it sure is in a way, but it might help to make people realise that the life we chose is everything other than easy, but it was our decision to live it that way, cause that is what makes us happy, that is what keeps us going and that is the life we love!!

Even if it gets tough, there is always a way cause not all those who wander are truly lost!! ❤🌎🌏🌍


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