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We have all done it… **Backpacker confessions**

G’day everyone!

What’s up? Still everything as normal here on the farm. Well, to be honest, I got pretty sick (happens, when you work in the rain :P). It’s really annoying. Especially, when you work 7 days a week and getting a day off is not that simple. But not long and I’m finally free! To be honest, it’s quite tough for me here at the moment. People are going through a divorce and I’m somewhere in between. There is no happiness here in this house at the moment. It’s quite depressing.

Before I get into the article, I would like to point out, that someone actually printed one of my photos on canvas! Feels awesome to know, that someone likes my photos that much! Although it was not even one of my best photos, I’m still happy with the result:


All right, here we go! 10 things, we all must admit having done at least once:

1. Washing your clothes in the shower and drying them with a hairdryer. Yep, that’s right. It saves you a lot of money for the expensive machines, that can cost up to 5$ per wash in Australia. Unfortunately, the washing machines don’t really do a good job, which is why I would never attempt to wash white or expensive. To be honest, most of my clothes are old, full of holes or from Kmart anyway. 😛

2. Stealing clothes other people forgot in hostels. Clothes are far too expensive. Moreover, we don’t want to waste money on new clothes, if there are so many adventures, that we could spend money on instead. Luckily, the cleaning staff in hostels often forgets to check underneath the beds, which is where many people forget their clothes. It’s simple: Wash it, wear it, it’s yours! Jackpot! No one would come back to claim back an old shirt, that has been sitting underneath the bed for months!

3. Fixing thongs with duct tape. Who needs shoes, when something like thongs exists. To the inventor of the thongs: You are a genius! Unfortunately, most of them don’t last forever. Especially not the 3$ thongs, that you pulled out of the vending machine. This is where duct tape comes in handy! Never would we think of getting rid of them! No, we fix them and wear them with pride. What about the old put-an-old-bread-bag-clip-underneath-the-thong-trick, hey? You all know, what I’m talking about.


4. Sitting in front of buildings to steal wifi. If there is no library in reachable distance, most of us wouldn’t hesitate to sit in front of restaurants and buildings to get some of their free wifi. Even, if that underlines our homelessness even more. Data are fairly expensive and sometimes, you need to switch your priorities around a bit.

5. If it’s free – you take it, no matter whether you need it or not. Number one rule of backpacking! The word “free” turns into your absolute favourite word when you’re living on a tight budget!

6. Being willing to spend the night on a freezing bus/ train. It’s cheaper than a flight, plus, you save on a night’s accommodation fee. So why would we not spend the night in a super uncomfortable, freezing bus, with no chance to find any sleep? Makes total sense to me!


7. You love to experiment to find out about the best travel hacks. As a traveller, you sometimes need to get creative in order to get a through. Throughout the years, we have developed the most creative travel hacks, that should be awarded. Let me give you an example: You don’t need a stove! When the kitchen is busy, you might as well take the cattle into your room and boil your eggs in the cattle. Thank me later 😀

8. You know more mechanics than National Parks. As much as we live our home on wheels, they are usually a waste of money. They are old and have done way too many ks. Plus, the need regular oil changes. Oh, and what was that rattling noise, that recently kicked in? Mechanics become your new best friend. Whether they rip you off or not, you tend to get really dependent on them, wherever you go.

9. You regret having taken so much stuff with you. Before you leave, you can’t imagine, how you could possibly survive on “so little”, but after you arrive, you will soon realize, that you have packed WAY too much. You will start to get rid of unnecessary stuff like hair dryers and that third pair of shoes. Carrying around an over-heavy backpack is not funny, trust me!

10. You’re never gonna feel “home” again. This is what travelling is all about. We lose our hearts in a certain place and wish, that we wouldn’t have to leave the country at some point. Well, the day usually comes sooner than expected. But once we’re home, we notice, that this isn’t  “home” anymore. Our home is somewhere else, on the other side of the globe ❤

Don’t forget to smile,


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Things I wish I would have known before I started travelling!

We know it all. We all have certain expectations and imaginations, before we head off. But mostly, they end up being completely wrong or not quite, how we expected them to be. This often results in us being unprepared and regretful. We’ve all had these moments and I don’t wanna exclude myself. Here are 6 things, that I wish, I would have known, before I started my travels in Australia and New Zealand:

1. It does get cold in Australia! Not every stereotype is true! It’s surely not warm and sunny all year round. Many days, I wish I had packed more jumpers and warm clothes. In fact, I only packed ONE jumper and leggings in the beginning, as I thought thick clothes take up too much space. They do take up a lot of space, but I wouldn’t cut short on that. Leave your hairdryer at home instead!

2. Umbrellas are weird. If someone would have told me before, that the Aussies and Kiwis are not as whiny as the Germans, I would have left my umbrella at home. I have used it once and decided to do it never again, due to all the attention it caused. A lady even told me once, that she could recognize immediately, that I am foreign, carrying an umbrella. Unless, you spend a lot of time in big cities, you need to learn to toughen up!

3. Australia is huge! Never underestimate the size of this massive country. Some days, I have been driving for HOURS just to get to the next petrol station! It’s about 3000ks alone to get from Darwin to Adelaide in a straight line! Germany is ridiculously small compared to that. It could fit into Australia about 21 times!

4. You need to adapt your diet! Depending on the way your travelling, you often have to give up on certain foods. If you’re living in the car/ van like me, I wouldn’t dare to buy a lot of dairy, meat, fresh fruit and vegetables etc., unless you’ve got a proper fridge/ esky! Especially in Australia’s heat, fresh stuff and dairy just goes off within a day/days. It would be a waste of money to invest in those. What can you eat instead? Well, I wouldn’t recommend it, but the instant – noodle diet is quite cheap 😛

5. Way too many Germans! Welcome to Australia and welcome back to Germany! I would have never expected to meet so mamy Germans over her in Australia and New Zealand! You think, you come over here not speaking a single German word?! Hahaha! Good one! They are everywhere! There is probably a massive gap of 18 – 21 year olds that no one officially knows of yet. It’s absolutely ridiculous! If you wanna avoid the Germans, do it like me and avoid hostels and cities!

6. Travelling is not as terrifying as expected. Last but not least, I figured out soon, that travelling is not as scary as expected. All these concerns, thay you might have in the beginning are completely overrated. It’s safer and easier as you think it is! Don’t waste your time worrying and enjoy the beauty of the countries instead 🙂

Happy travels!



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Things I’ve learnt while travelling part 2

Hey all!

Another week, another blog. Nothing has changed. I’m still working and basically braindead. I have been getting up at 5 am every day for the past month and haven’t had a day off or anything.

That’s why little cheer – ups, like the one my friend sent me from the Netherlands, are more than appreciated! She sent me an awesome “survival kit”. I never thought I’d be so happy over a notepad, a razor or a pair of socks! Super cute of her!! Shoutout to my girl Esmee! Xx

Anyway, since part 1 seemed to be quite popular, here is part 2! Five more things, that I learnt while travelling!

1. Your name is irrelevant. Literally every conversation between traveller’s starts with any question, other than “What’s your name?”. It’s not the next question either or the question after that. If the questions occur at all, it’s usually the last. (“Oh by the way, what’s your name?”) But what usually happens, is, that you end up forgetting to ask at all and after two days start wondering, whether it would be awkward to ask for the name, after you two have become good mates already…

2. Shoes aren’t necessary. Especially in Australia, many people just screw shoes. Whether you go int the mall, the grocery store or the service station, no one ever wears shoes and it is socially acceptable… Well, in most places. Other places put up signs, telling you, that entry is prohibited without shirt or shoes.. or both. I must say, it is definitely convenient to leave them off since I drive barefooted anyway. It’s just so much more comfortable!

3. Goodbyes are horrible. While travelling, you meet so many lovely people, that you have a really good time with and you never want to let go. But, since we’re all constantly on the move, goodbyes became inevitable. And they’re the cruellest part about travelling. Especially, because you have no idea, whether you will see the other person, living on the other side of the world, ever again. But, hey, travel makes the world suddenly turn into a really small place, doesn’t it??

4. Earplugs are an essential. Most travellers decide to save their money, staying in hostels. I mean, you usually can’t afford anything else anyway, when you live on a budget. Especially, because hostels are expensive enough already, considering what you actually pay for: no privacy, snoring roommates and noisy couples. If you decide to stay in hostels, earplugs are a must! Unless you have a really deep sleep…

5. Comfy clothes and sweatpants take up about 75% of your backpack. Let’s be honest, who needs to have fancy clothes, when you spend most of the time driving, hiking or trying to stay warm during cold nights in the car anyway. From all the fancy clothes, that I had with me, I haven’t kept a single piece in the end. It’s just not worth it. Your clothes will get dirty and full of holes anyway, since the washing machine over here doesn’t really fulfil its purpose. Plus, you can just wear them with anything. True travellers just don’t have space for luxury!

Let me know if you want a part 3!

Here is the link to part 1:

Stay tuned everyone,


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Why you should travel solo at least once in your life!

I often hear people telling me how brave I am for travelling on my own in a foreign country! Well, basically, you’re never alone, since you always meet people, plus, it’s not like someone is trying to kidnap you or something… (I’m not saying it’s not possible!) Anyway, here are five reasons why you should travel solo at least once in your life:

1. Flexibility. All travellers know it. You just started your roadtrip with a new travelmate, that you literally just met. Everything seems to be perfect, but soon you realize, that your travelbuddy has totally different interests… You wanna climb up that mountain, while he/she wants to sunbath on the beach… Uhm, akward! So you’ve got two options: 1.You try to find a compromise and risk having an argument every now and then or 2. You tell your travelmate, it’s not gonna work out and drop him/her off in the next city. But let’s be honest, that wouldn’t be the nicest option! To avoid all that hassle, I prefer to travel on my own! I can do whatever I want, whenever I want! 😀

2. It’s easier to meet new people. Okay, this is more of a subjective opinion. Some people find it easier to talk to people while being surrounded by other people. I agree with that, but on the other hand,you end up meeting the most amazing people in the most akward situations, completely unexpected! I’m not the most social person, but just by doing what I am doing,which is in 60% of the cases messing up, I made friends for life! 😀 So, don’t worry guys, you don’t necessarily have to actively look for new friends, it happens all by itself! There’s hope for the anti – social people! Trust me!

3. You learn to appreciate things, you didn’t appreciate before. Travelling solo is great, but of course it can also have disadvantages! While you’re out there all by yourself, anything could happen! And to repeat it once again: You’re all by yourself! Your car could break down in the middle of nowhere in 40 degrees heat… Happened to me, I know what I’m talking about. In that exact moment, I realized how much I actually learnt to appreciate water or sunscreen or those people with a heart of gold that helped me after sitting there for four and a half hours! Honestly, no matter what happens, people are willing to help!! Wether you need a ride, a home, directions etc. There are people out there with a heart of gold! But another thing I appreciate is someone sitting next to me in the car, telling me where to go! The perks of having a travelmate 😛

4. You learn to be independent. While you’re travelling solo, no one is by your side, telling you how to pay your taxes, how to apply for an insurance or what to do in case of an emergency! You have to figure that out all by yourself! You gotta survive on your own, figuring everything out by yourself, which ultimately means you learn to be independent super quickly! Well, you’ve got no other choice! It still happens that you end up lost, of course. But isn’t it a great feeling, when you can finally adult and book that plane ticket yourself?! 😀

5. You get to know yourself. It sounds super cheesy and I didn’t believe in it at first, but little did I know, I actually got to figure out how my brain functions. Being out there all by yourself teaches you where your limits are (I’m not speaking of alcohol – limits! :D). It shows you what your capable of on your own, how much stress you can bare and most importantly, you get to know your character! You’ve got a lot of time to think and to study yourself. You actually get to know yourself for the first time, just by spending a little time with yourself! You quickly figure out new interests and characteristics! I still haven’t fussed out what I wanna study, though..  I guess that bit is just a myth, I’m never gonna figure out 😀

All in all, you can see that these points are all quite subjective, based on my experience. But how are you supposed to know for yourself, wether I’m right or wrong, if you haven’t even tried travelling solo yet?! I can highly recommend it! It doesn’t have to be for long! You gan give it a go and if you don’t like it, you stop or find yourself a travelmate! Honestly, I had awesome times with the travelmates I had! Both, travelling solo and having a travelmate, can be fun! Why not giving both a shot?! You’ve got nothing to lose!!


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See ya Straya – my 100th blog post!!!

G’day everyone! What’s up?!

As I’ve already announced before, this is my 100th blog entry!! And along with that there’s gonna be some changes, basically only one massive change: I’m gonna be switching to English from now on.. yeay!

So basically I got to enjoy the pure joys of being a backpacker again: carrying my backpack around, spending more than 3/4 of a day at the airport and getting no sleep!! Ahh! I literally feel like an infant that is not able to sleep through the night anymore! It’s like I’m slowly starting to get nocturnal! 😀 Speaking of infants: Guess what kept me awake all night on the plane while I was trying to sleep instead of vomiting… that’s right! 😦

Ahh well no sleep for me! I also can’t even remember having more than 1 meal per day anymore… I’m either just too tired and too busy or I don’t have money. That’s also why I’m sleeping on benches at airports… I pay heaps of money to live like a homeless person basically! 😀 But let’s not be so negative, new adventures are ahead!

2017-07-18 23.46.00

I even convinced myself to spend my last night in Australia in a hostel!! Although I’m trying really hard to avoid them, still being traumatised by my Mildura – working – hostel – experience! It was the same hostel that I spent my first nights in Australia in! Now I’ve got a nice frame, hehe… But, I’m still not finished with Australia that’s for sure!

So… time to say goodbye.. in a way I’m excited to see what New Zealand has to offer, but on the other hand, I’m devastated…  😦

My last impression of Sydney was not the best either.. Not that I did anything, but at some point I eventually started wandering around in the city and within half an hour I gave my phone number to two Japanese girls who wanted to invite me to a weekly meet up and I was about to subscribe to a 30$/month donation… I have a problem!! It’s like those people know that I don’t have the heart to tell them that I don’t want to buy a washing machine if they offer me one! It has become a serious issue! I don’t know how many people have my contact details already haha 😅

Anyway.. I made it to the airport.. and spent a few hours waiting… We left with a one and a half hour delay …  I have the feeling they run out of excuses in the end since they gave us three different ones… Good start! Didn’t know how to feel… Everything comes back to a beginning… A fresh start and a sad goodbye..

Sooo the day had arrived… They made me leave Australia.. a home for the past two years… (warning: this is gonna get sentimental :P)

Straya has defo tested me… mentally and physically!! Soooo many Down’s!! And by that, I mean serious ones!! I had to go through a lot here… BUT I always managed to pull myself through and get UP again!! Thanks to all those people out here that mentally supported and lifted me up again! People that I met during my travels and are considered more as family than friends! They make it even harder to leave this astonishing country! Breaks my heart that two years went by so quick!! I’ve defo changed! The best example is me back in Germany sitting behind the steering wheel scared to drive and me now having owned my own car, driving on the left, having gained the habit to steer with my thumbs and pressing the gas pedal with my big toe only, driving barefoot 😛 Don’t worry, I’m a responsible driver still 😛

But I also changed physically: got a weird thong tan line on my feet and my hair is a mess completely damaged by the sun 😦 BUT it was sooooo worth it! This changed my life!! I went 50000ks in my car!!! One full lap! And I only got my car after 10 months being here 😅

Of course, I’ve made a little montage too… because if you went to Australia and you didn’t make a montage, did you really go to Australia?! Just kidding, the montage kinda sucks. I used about 5 or 6 different devices to film… I had to go through 8sd cards, having about 5000 videos. It’s a long video and the quality varies a lot (sorry!). It sure doesn’t give any justice to what I’ve experienced over here though. You gotta come over yourself, sorry mate! 😛

I spent a lot of time on this video, although it doesn’t look like it! It is more a video for myself than for anyone else anyway 🙂

Fun fact: I broke 5 phones, 2 cameras, 2 laptops, and multiple charging chords while being here and I wasted 2700$ on mechanical emergency repairs and should have paid another grant!! Yes, I’m eventually a clumsy person!! Or maybe I’m just a person who makes her dreams come true!! “Can, will, did” – a quote that a good friend of mine inspired me with! The same person was also the inspiration for my new blog title!
Soo, new adventures are ahead: I’m going over to New Zealand!! And to everyone asking: Yes, I wanna study at some point, but life is too short, go out and live it first, I’m only 20!!

Here is the video:

Well, I realized soon that sleeping at the airport was not the best idea since the domestic terminal with all the sleeping options was closed until 5 am.. and the international arrival section was super noisy and uncomfortable.. so I decided to sort out things like my sim card. I’ve got a new New Zealand Vodafone number now.. and of course, they made me buy a new phone too because my old one is locked to my Australian Sim!! That’s phone number 6 within 2 years! I’m hopeless… Got some NZ Dollars and spent a sleepless night at the airport.. so let the preparations begin: New Bank Account, new debit card, new tax file number, car etc… love it! -,-  I was soo tired during the day that I started talking weird stuff: I actually apologized when my hostel roommate walked in seeing me sleeping!! Like, what the hell?! Hahah!

But Welcome to New Zealand!! ❤ And welcome to a 10 hour time difference!!

New Zealand is soooo very different to Australia! first thing: the weather! People here actually own winter clothes and umbrellas! The weather is crazy: changes between hail storm and sunshine within 5 minutes!! At least here in Auckland! Furthermore, it’s a lot more hilly! I have the feeling I’m actually joining a hardcore workout when walking up and down the main street!! The currency is really beautiful: I mean, look at those coins!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The salespeople over here are still the same though… -,- 3 people in one day… Come on!! I wish I could just start exploring, but things need to be sorted, cars need to be bought and bank accounts need to be opened.. and I didn’t have much luck doing that stuff yet..

You know what I also realized: I’m getting too old for this stuff!! Here are sooooo many 18-year-old Germans!! It’s not even funny! I actually belong to the less annoying traveller age group now, yes!! 😛

I gave up on sleep the following night. There is someone here in my room that snores… obnoxiously loud!! Not even earplugs help!! So I literally walked around like the walking dead! See, everyone thinks travelling is a holiday, but you gotta consider how many of the basic needs we sacrifice, like sleep or a bed or food or toilets!! It’s exhausting! Buuut I still wouldn’t wanna swap with anyone else stuck in one place!

Zombie-like, I made my way to the Auckland museum, where you learn a lot about the Maõri culture, the indigenous people. What was even more interesting was an exhibition about volcanoes and the extreme danger that Kiwi’s live in! There are so many active volcanoes around, which are ticking time – bombs! It is said that it’s unlikely that a volcano near Auckland will erupt in near future, BUT it will happen, you won’t be able to escape and there is not much of a big warning… Great! How soothing!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

There was even a simulator for an earthquake resulting from a volcanic eruption. That was scary! They showed you a TV interview about volcanic activities and suddenly they get footage in about steam coming out of the water, a volcano – professor said “the eruption has begun” and suddenly the screen goes black and you feel the earth shaking and see a massive cloud of smoke coming towards you! Definitely made me think…

Especially because I went to the volcanic crater “Mt Eden” straight after, one of 50 volcanoes Auckland is living on!! And they are not all extinct!! It offers you a 360-degree view over Auckland and the crater, of course. It was nice but made me realize that I really don’t like cities, which I mentioned before.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The good news is that I found a car!! It’s more like a van this time and an automatic, diesel. I don’t like automatic, but hey. But that means no more crazy 4wd trips in this car… 😦 It’s not really worth it here in New Zealand anyway. Still makes me sad though.. I’m gonna buy the van of two French – Balinese girls which I met at “One tree hill” another volcanic hill, that offers you 360-degree views over Auckland! Plus, I’ve seen sheep for the first time here in New Zeland!! I walked up there… 16km return!! I’m glad I had some company with my American roommate!! 16 km!! That’s an insane distance for a day walk… Or maybe I’m just unfit 😛 Anyway, I bought the car and hope it will last for a while since it has done quite a few ks already… but diesel lasts usually longer than petrol.. right?! I just hope for more luck this time! The van has a small kitchen, a table and a bed inside! Definitely a lot more space than my old Subaru! Let’s all hope for the best!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Are you wondering how the wether was today? It rained! Are you wondering what it’s gonna be like tomorrow? Rain again , good guess!! Ahhh!!

Well, every new work & travel destination also has its downside, speaking of organisation!! But I finally got most of it organised now: I got my bank account set up, got my IRD number (tax file number) and I have found a car. We’re almost there. Just a few more things and the roadtrip can begin!

I got the car the next day, after walking half an hour through the pouring rain, and realized soon enough I walked to the wrong post office/ registration opportunity and it was really late. I neither got a chance to figure out anything about the car, nor could I register it in my name. It was dark fairly soon and I’m glad I found a sleeping place at least. Still, I didn’t have a chance to figure out how to put the sheets on the bed, where the fuel lever is, how to open the door from the inside etc.. a nightmare.. but tomorrow is a new day..

Have a good one!


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