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Back to zero…

G’day all,

Hopefully, you have experienced some better days than me! Since I had to stop my travels, Kelsey headed on to Queenstown on her own while I still had to wait for the mechanics to finally have time to fix my car. With a car not being able to move and no money to spend there were not really many options left on what to do. In the end, I used the time to work on the last bits and pieces of my book, which is now finally finished and hopefully also finally grammatically all correct. I had to reread it five times in order to get it all corrected… But it will hopefully be worth it!

Jobwise, I had the option to choose between another dairy-farm-job with incredibly good pay or a cafe job, that requires three months commitment. Although I would rather shoot myself than working on another dairy farm, I can’t commit to a job for three months if the payment is bad… So, looks like I’m gonna be covered in cow sh** again soon… and I’m gonna be working over Christmas..

Well… Karma was clearly not finished yet, as it turned out that my car is unrepairable and I will have to get rid of it. It hurts a lot to lose your home, but at least I haven’t lost all the money on the repairs.

The other bad news is, that I won’t be able to get to most of the jobs I applied for since they require a car… Seems like I’m going back to hostel life and no privacy…

After being stuck for a week, I finally found a wrecker that would take my car. I even got 50 bucks for it still. Turned out that things are going to be alright. I’m gonna be working in a cafe for the next two and a half months before I can finally continue my long-desired travels..


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