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The end of my travels?!

Hey guys, what’s up?!


So, together with Kelsey, I started my next road trip. As we had absolutely no plans or whatsoever, we just decided to take the next best road and didn’t get disappointed!

From Christchurch, we drove all the way to New Zealand’s west coast via “Arthur’s Pass National Park”. Majestic mountains, covered in snow, wildflowers and water streams made me feel like Heidi in her Alps.

At some stage, we went to explore the water and slid down a natural rockslide to reach it. Surprisingly, the water was freezing cold, though and not much of a refreshment, although it was bloody hot!

But we didn’t just want to give up on the glaciers! Unfortunately, the glaciers seemed to be playing a little game with us, though. The nearby “Fox Glacier” was basically completely covered in clouds when we were exploring the views from the beautiful “Lake Matheson”… Pretty disappointing!

2017-11-30 15.50.46

However,  we finally had more luck the next day: The heli-hike didn’t get cancelled this time! Staying in a group of five, we all had to put on wet-weather gear and walk to the helipad. It was bloody hot outside and besides that, only about 3 degrees colder on the glacier. Thus, climbing the glacier was quite exhausting in the too warm clothes, but it was still a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

First of all, I was quite glad that I survived the helicopter flight to the top of the glacier. Obviously, my motion sickness kicked in again, but luckily, the flight was only four minutes long!



From clear-blue ice to clear-blue pools! A couple of hundred kilometres further, we encountered Mt Aspiring’s “Blue Pools”. Deep-blue water was more than welcoming for a nice swim if it wasn’t freezing cold water.


The hikes were like sent from hell: constantly uphill and purely exposed to the sun! I was dying and it really bothers me that I’m not as fit as I wished to be, but that’s life. You can’t have everything in life. Although I could work for it, obviously 😛


Unfortunately, we were in the middle of the highway and out of service. Thus, we had no other option than hitchhiking back to the nearest town and call the next tow truck. That was easier said than done. Obviously, my insurance didn’t cover the tow truck, which is why they made me sign up for a 12-month membership for the AA breakdown-service at a cost of 205$! I’m not even here for another 12 months!

At least, we got a good service. The mechanic, that towed us back, actually dropped us off in the middle of a caravan park in Wanaka and made sure, we will be served priority! I was lucky enough, the car is actually fixable.

However, it will cost a lot of money… In fact, I will be losing all the money I have, leaving me stranded in Wanaka with no money, car or job.

Love my life…


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5 hidden gems on New Zealand’s North Island!

Since I recently finished my travels on the North Island, I thought it would be handy for the one or another to know about my top 5 places, that are rather not part of the typical tourist route.

1. White Island 

White Island is a must to anyone, who wants to experience, what it feels like to stand on an active volcano. And by that, I mean a volcano, that could erupt any second. You’re surrounded by sulfur, steaming vents and smoking hot pools! For safety reasons, it’s only accessible on a guided tour. But it’s worth it, for sure! It’s not the cheapest activity, but you can find good and discounted deals on bookme, using this link:


2. Te Mata Peak

In beautiful Hawkes Bay, Te Mata Peak is the perfect destination for anyone, that loves hiking, nature and breathtaking views! You can also drive to the top, but I can recommend doing the 5km return hike, taking you along cliffs, through a forest and of course to the top of the mountain, where 360-degree views of the wine-region are awaiting you! To anyone, who loves adrenaline, I’d suggest hiking the full loop, at some points, the path gets extremely narrow. One wrong step and you might slide down a cliff!

3. Castlepoint

The perfect spot to break a long drive between Taupo and Wellington down. It’s only a 65km detour, along a windy road, to get to this little paradise. Perfect beaches, crystal-clear water and a lighthouse, that offers an amazing view over Castlepoint, when you reach the top! Definitely a must-do!

4. Raglan

Whether you wanna catch the next wave just relax or explore, Raglan has a lot to offer. But what makes it truly special, is its black-sand-beach, which gives you a feeling of walking on millions of diamonds, since it sparkles in the sun! If you’re not the beach-type, Raglan still has you covered. Its close-by “Bridal Veil Falls” are not to be missed. Three different viewing points from three different angles, cover all levels of fitness and mobility!

5. Feed wild stingrays in Gisborne

This is one out of only a few places in the world, where you can encounter wild stingrays. Together with a guide, you walk a few metres into the sea, where you get the chance to pet and feed the stingrays and eventually even wild crayfish. It all is dependent on whether or not they want to show up, obviously, but you are usually lucky. It’s definitely a once in a lifetime experience. Stingrays are nothing to be feared.

I hope these recommendations are helpful to any of you! Feedback is always welcome!

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Safe travels!


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How to meet the locals (being an introvert)!

Would you classify yourself as a rather anti-social person and find it hard to meet locals. Or are you simply just disappointed, that you’re surrounded by people from your own nation, although you came to a foreign country to get to know the locals? Well, I’ve got some tips for you! I’m probably the most anti-social person among you, but I still managed to meet heaps of locals, that turned into friends for life!

1. AirBnb. The best way to meet locals is to stay with them and to experience their lifestyle. The easiest option to get in touch with them, if you don’t have any contacts is using certain Apps. AirBnB is perfect for booking cheap rooms and apartments. Perfect, if you want to have some privacy for a little while, after spending the majority of your time in hostels.

2. Couchsurfing. If you can’t afford to book a private room, couchsurfing is the best solution. Why? Because it’s totally free. In exchange for a few good chats, eventually a meal and a few tips and advises, locals let you stay on their “couch” for a couple of nights. Although people might find it risky, I am a huge fan of the app, having made some great friends!

3. Get out of the city. It’s almost impossible to get to know the locals when you spend the majority of your time in cities. Everybody is busy working or rushing to catch the next bus. It’s a lot more likely to meet people in smaller towns, where the atmosphere is completely different and everyone is just so much more welcoming!

4. Not everybody has bad intentions. This is pretty much the basic rule, you need to follow. If you want to make friends, you need to change your attitude: Not everybody wants to harm you! You surely, need to take precautions every now and then, but most people out there want to help you and are more than happy to meet someone international!

5. No fruitpicking. When it comes to jobs, I can recommend turning your back to the usually typical “Backpacker jobs” like fruitpicking. If you want to experience a welcoming atmosphere and true local lifestyle, other farm work, like outback station work, is what you should look for.

6. Be yourself. You don’t have to be an outgoing and social person to meet new people. Being an introvert can sometimes even be a perk. I have experienced, that locals often come to you and invite you over, when you seem to be insecure or lost. Don’t forget: Not everybody has bad intentions! There is always a way!

Dare Yourself – Prove them wrong!


P.S.: Only two more days of work and I’ll be back on the road! Which means, my blog posts will get a lot longer again!!

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6 reasons why you should buy that plane ticket!

G’day all!

Have you ever been debating, whether or not you should take the big step and start your adventure into the unknown? It’s okay to be scared! I will give you 6 reasons, why you should buy that plane ticket!

1. You would regret it.  Never ever reject a big opportunity. If you won’t take chances, you will regret it big time! It will happen sooner or later and who wants to grow old, thinking about the things, we didn’t do, when we had the chance?!

2. It will change you. You might not believe it, but travelling will actually change you to the goood! It might not change your character magically, turning you into the person, that you always wanted to be, but it will certainly make you a whole lot more independent and daring!

3. No Uni can teach you what you learn in a foreign country. You think you need to get far in life? Well, let me tell you a thing: No Uni can teach you, what you learn during your travels. Because it’s not the theoretical things, that you learned from books, that makes you intelligent. You learn a lot more about culture and life, that no one could teach you but yourself!

4. It’s the only ever way to get over stereotypes. If you never give new cultures and nationalities a chance, you will always keep your judgemental attitudes, giving you a hard time in life. The best way to rethink all these stereotypes, that are out there, is to make your own image of the situation!

5. You will make heaps of international friends. Number 4. goes hand in hand with number 5. The more you interact with other nationalities, the more international friends you will make. How amazing is it to know, that you know people from all over the world, that are waiting for you to visit them in their home country!

6. You’re too young to waste your life being stuck in one place. Let’s be honest. Life is not about being stuck in one place and working every day until we die. What do we save up for, if we never do something with our savings? Even if you don’t have any savings, it’s definitely possible to just go out there and live life! We were not meant to stay in one place when there is a whole world to be explored!

Buy the plane ticket!

Dare Yourself – Prove them wrong!


Little Update: My book is going great! I’m getting closer and closer to finishing the story. Other than that, we have been celebrating “Guy Fawkes”, which is an English thing, to everyone, who doesn’t know it. It was great, with fireworks, campfire and BBQ! Plus, I had to find out, that my car battery is wrecked. Great way to lose all the money, that I just saved up because it’s not only the battery, it’s also WOF, oil change and service, that needs to be done… 9 more days and I will be back on the road!

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